Wrestling Mongolia Movie Review

There are hundreds of long YouTube movies showing the highlights of Mongolia,
but in our fast moving society, we want it instant.

"Wrestling Mongolia" movie shows the beauty of Mongolia with a twist - in the background you get hooked up to some hilarious story. Without noticing it you get to learn about Mongolia's landscape, people and culture.

I am not sure what was the original intention of the producer, did he really take the story seriously, or is it just a trick to lure you through the one hour movie of wonderful Mongolia.

The story is about a stereotyped American named Will Green (Tyler MacNiven) who dreams to become a famous TV host. With the help of his best friend Simon (Omi Vaidya), Will creates ridicules Internet videos in hopes of one day hitting it big.

A producer suggests: "wrestle in some exotic place, a place people haven't seen before". A passing by Mongolian suggests "Mongolia", and adds "wrestling is our national sport"

Will green decides to wrestle 100 Mongolians. He hires a Mongolian master named Chuulun (Boum-Yalagch Olzod). Chuulun says: "if you really want to learn Mongolian wrestling you must learn to live like a Mongolian", and together they embark on a life changing adventure.

Horse riding is a favorite activity in the Mongolian steppe. 
Simon the camera man, Will Green, and Chuulun their Mongolian Master.

Wrestling is one of the three games during Naadam festival.
Will: "Why there are no weight classes in Mongolian wrestling?"
Chuulun: "because life is unfair"
The huge sand dunes in southern Mongolia are one of Mongolia's highlights.
Will and Simon searching for "Droog" in the Mongolian Gobi sand dunes.
A note to the producer - Droog (друг) is a Russian word.

The winner of a wrestling match gets the honor of dancing the eagle dance.
Will: "why are we doing this?" Chuulun: "you must feel like a powerful eagle"

The Naadam festival in July is the peak tourist season.
"There are no guides available during Naadam"  says the travel agent (Egshiglen)

Movie trailer:   vimeo.com/83888357
On iTunes movie "Wrestling Mongolia" ($5.99)
On Play-Store movie "Wrestling Mongolia" is available only in North America.

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