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Comprehensive, accurate and updated information is what travelers need.

ToMongolia gives a fair representation to all Mongolian businesses involved in the tourist industry.

Traveler information and traveler reviews are the key to making the information valuable,

Unuruu from Ulaanbaatar took a major part in maps and information.
Yoni took part in programming, design, maps and information.



SpudNukem said...

Thank you. I have been gathering details on a trip for a couple of years now and its very good to see them all under one blog. Well done and long may it continue!

okusha said...

Hi To Mongolia. Thank you for Informations. I have found out from your blog what I wanted. I want you to post something on Mongolia, Wiki-travel, because there was not enough informations about Mongolia. Especially in the title of "get in"... You can post there the way to get in Mongolia. for example: Bulgan crossing border... Good luck!

Stu said...

Really infomative page. Headiing to Mongolia in a few weeks - Some very helpful facts on here that will no doubt help me out!
I'm going to keep a blog myslef of my travels, feel free to check it out! It's called Am I nearly there yet?

nobody said...

Greetings from india. By june 2012 ,planning to do a solo trip ..and so glad that i found your blog, seems like everything will be easy!

Anonymous said...

HI there,
Thanks for all the valuable detailed information in your website for the July Naadam. Would you have info on the August 2012 Naadam in Chandman -Öndör in honour of Alan Goa?
Thanks advance.

To Mongolia said...


Thanks for your kind compliments.

The Naadam at Chandman -Öndör is not performed every year. Unfortunately I do not have details about 2012 Naadam in Chandman -Öndör.


Alimaa said...

Thank you. The blog has very useful info. You need some promo.

I wrote in Mongolian suggestions to the industry, based on my experience being a tourist. Will do an entry for foreigners.

To Mongolia said...

Dear Alimaa

Thank you for your post in your blog http://alimaa.wordpress.com

All the best

Greca Durant said...

Sain bain uu To Mongolia,

I've been following your blog for sometime now. It's very very helpful. It's where I found the detailed schedule of the 2012 Naadam.
I would like to know if the 10,000 Camel Festival at Tsonjin Boldog is happening on the 22nd of September, as scheduled? Thanks very much advance for your reply.


To Mongolia said...


You have quoted correctly -
The 10,000 camel caravan was scheduled for 22nd September at
Tsonjin Boldog (where the large Genghis Khan Equestrian Statue is located).

I do not have any information on cancellation or change of date.

CNN BBC and other TV channels have been invited.

It is expected to become a World Guinness Record of the largest camel caravan.

I hope it works out as scheduled.


International School of Ulaanbaatar 20th Anniversary Celebrations 2012-2013 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Greca Durant said...

Thanks Dan for your reply. I'll check it out in a few hours, going there later in the morning. I'll tell you about it. Hope it's on.
Bye for now,

Greca Durant said...

Thanks Dan for your reply. I'm checking it out tomorrow, like in a few hours? We'll see if it's on. I'll tell you about it.
Bye for now,

To Mongolia said...


See this article about the event

I hope it works out.


Anonymous said...

Hi dan.

We are looking at being in UB from the 19th July 2013. We are planning to travel north and east. Is the sukhbaatar nadaam as good as the mandalgov nadaam? Ideally we wanted to tie the Sukh nadaam with travelling in the area rather than a special trip south. Thought we'd ask as value your opinion and you rated the Mandalgov festival. If it is much the same then we'll plum for the northern Sukh nadaam as long as its on!
Tom and Kim

To Mongolia said...

Hi Tom and Kim
All Naadams are very similar. You can choose which ever fits your plans. The dates for the 2013 Naadam events will be published in late June.

Enjoy a happy Naadam


Anonymous said...

Hallo Dan,

you made a very good blog. Will come next week to U.B. for preparation mission for a documentary film on naadam, may be we can meet briefly, how can I reach you in U.B.? regards from heidelberg Elke

thule said...

thank you for the great blog! I am canoeing across Western Mongolia thru Lake Baikal to Eastern Russia and have several questions. This is a personal expedition and I am not going through a tourist company. There are two of us. I was wondering if you had any advice in the following:

1) Do you know how to get border crossing permits?
2) Do you know of any companies that just hire car and driver one way to Western Russia?
3) Do you know of any companies that we can use to arrange a driver for a border crossing?
4) Do you know anything about getting cell phone service in rural northern Mongolia?
5) Do you know anything about getting fisihng permits for Mongolia and Russia?

Thank you so much!

Greca Durant said...

Thanks Dan for the July 2013 Naadam venues and dates. Very helpful. Thanks again.


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