Trek Khovsgol to Darkhad

The Khovsgol to Darkhad trek was designed and tested by Eshar.

Khovsgol lake (Photo: Eshar)

trek highlights: 
a. Khovsgol Nuur (Khovsgol Lake) - a beautiful lake at the foot of the eastern Sayan Mountains. It is 1,645 m above sea level, 136 km long and 262 m deep. It is the second-most voluminous freshwater lake in Asia, and holds almost 70% of Mongolia's fresh water and 0.4% of all the fresh water in the world. The town of Hatgal is at the southern end of the lake. north-west of it you can see the peaks of Khoridol Saridag.
b. Khoridol Saridag mounatins -a mountain range soaring east to the Darkhad valley. with an elevation average of 3000 m', some of the peaks are snow-covered during suumer as well. this chain of mountains seperates lake Khovsgol valley from the Darkhad valley and will escort you from the east along the trek.
c. Sayan mountains - this mountain range (average elevation 2500 m') is not only the western border of the Darkhad valley, it also functions as mongolia's northwestern border with siberia. the Sayan mountains are practically an eastern continuation of the Altay mountains.

Darkhad valley (photo: Eshar)

how to get there:
-there is a new paved road between Hatgal and moron, so the trip is not long and takes around 1 hour-
Public Transportation -  there are public vans going from Moron to Hatgal. they leave daily and when full.
Private Car\Hired Driver - you can pick one up at Moron. should be around 30k tugrik per person.
medium. requires crossing some creeks and good warm clothes.

medium. there is a car dirt road that goesalmost up to the pass. after that its only horse trails and topo navigation. check with locals if the Jigelyg pass is open! it can be closed due to late spring snow.
maps:a. old russian army maps: - 1:100,000 - 1:100,000
b. trek KML
Km per day: 20~.
seven days by foot, five by horse.
water sources:
the area is filled with creeks and springs. the lake is a good water source as well.
flowing springs and creeks are fine after boiling.
small super markets are available at Khatgal and Renchinlkhumbe.
cost:a. guide - depends on tour operator. around 10,000\day (june 2013).
b. jeep\van - a van from Moron is about 10,000\person. jeep from Moron is around 30,000 (depends which type of jeep).
c. ger camps - tourist ger camps along the lake.
d. entrance fee and border permit -none.
ehorses - this trek can be done by horses. average price: 15,000\horse for a day. horses can be found almost everywhere and through tour operators.
nomad home stay:
mainly tourist ger camps. they are marked and signed.
local cellphone coverage:
only in towns.
nearest emergency point:
there's a nurse and a little pharmecy in Khatgal. small hospital in Moron.

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