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September 14, 2012 Bulgan Naadam
Bulgan aimag (province) will celebrate on 14 September, the return of the London Olympic hero, Judo gold medalist, Tuvshinbayar.
The celebration will include a Naadam celebration with 62 wrestlers and four age group horse races.
There is plenty of public transport to Bulgan, it is on the road to Khovsgol lake.

August 2012 Naadam events
Naadam celebration and folk art festival - August 4, 2012
Location - Turgen sum (district) part of Uvs aimag (province) in far west Mongolia. See map for exact location
Uvs aimag has a unique variety of ethnic groups, including Durvud, Bayad, Khoton, Khoid, Sartuul and the Khalkh which are the majority in Mongolia.
In addition to the traditional sports events, the different ethnic groups will perform traditional song, dance, music, and offer traditional food and drinks.

10-12 August 2012 - a mini Naadam in Bayankhongor
17-18 August 2012 - a semi Naadam named Nomads day in the Gan Galuut park tourist camp.
21-22 August 2012 - Golden Naadam in Guru tourist camp in Terelj park. 

Late July 2012  Naadam  events
Four Danshig (regional) Naadam events will take place in late July 2012.
27-29 July - Sukhbaatar aimag. (in the east near Baruun-Urt)
27-29 July - Khui Doloon Khudag (west of Ulaanbaatar)  see map
28-29 July - Dundgovi aimag (near Mandalgovi, on the main road to the Gobi)
29-30 July - Bayan Olgii aimag. (near Olgii).

Floods warning 17-19 July 2012
NEMA (National Emergency Management Agency) has released a floods warning.
Floods are expected throughout the country until July 19, 2012.
Specific warning is issued to travelers not to cross rivers and flooded bridges,
and not to swim in rivers and lakes.
Sudden flash floods may occur.
Be patient and wait around until the water level goes down.

Naadam festival 11-13 July 2012
With complete details of events in Ulan Bator
and all aimag's (provinces) in the countryside.

Naadam details for each sum (district) 
in Khentii aimag (north eastern province).

TV English news item with summary of Naadam 2012 events in UB

June 28, 2012 Elections day in Mongolia.

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