Khentii sum's Naadam 2012

This post describes Naadam celebrations in the Khentii aimag (province).
For the national celebrations see the Naadam 2012 program

Khentii aimag (province) is located in the north eastern part of Mongolia.
It is considered to be the birth place of Genghis Khan.

Each sum (district) in the Khentii aimag (province) celebrates Naadam on different dates.

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Naadam dates - for each sum (district) in the Khentii aimag (province)

4-5 July  Bayankhutag Баянхутаг, Jargaltkhaan Жаргалтхаан

5-6 July  Bayanmönkh Баянмөнх

6-7 July  Bayan-Ovoo Баян-Овоо,   Dadal Дадал

7-8 July  Galshar Галшар

8-9 July  Delgerkhaan Дэлгэрхаан,  Tsenkhermandal Цэнхэрмандал

9-10 July Batnorov Батноров,  Darkhan Дархан, Mörön Мөрөн, Norovlin Норовлин,  Ömnödelger Өмнөдэлгэр, and the central aimag Naadam in Öndörkhaan  Өндөрхаан (aimag capital) in Kherlen Хэрлэн sum.

20-21 Batshireet Батширээт

What to expect
Each sum consists of 1,000-3,000 inhabitants (the capital city  Öndörkhaan has 20,000). Therefor Naadam is celebrated in a small community style celebration.

Tourists are welcome to join, but there are limited facilities.  Almost no English is spoken, there are no road signs and for the exact location of the Naadam celebration fields, your driver will have to ask around.

Getting there 
The best way to find the Naadam celebrations is to hire a jeep with a driver in Ulaanbaatar. 
There is a bus and minivan that leave Ulaanbaatar every day to the aimag capital Öndörkhaan. The drive takes 5-6 hours. From Öndörkhaan you will have to wait around until a van fills up to reach your sum destination (sometimes a day or two).

Geographically Khentii has a diverse landscape,  It includes the Khentii mountains, the Onon and Kherlen rivers, and towards the south east the typical Mongolian steppe plains. Unlike other parts of Mongolia, most people live in wooden huts, rather than the traditional ger.  

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