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December 6, 2011 / Ulaanbaatar / ToMongolia

Though similar names, these are two different companies.
Mongoilan Airlines MIAT, and Mongolian Airlines Group.

Update May 2012
Mongolian Airlines Group (MR) will begin international operations from May 2012 through the summer, with service to China, Hong Kong and Japan
Mongolian Airlines Group website.

Ulaan Baatar – Tianjin  3 weekly flights. (postponed)
Ulaan Baatar – Erlianhot (Erenhot)  4 weekly (postponed)
Ulaan Baatar – Hong Kong from June 3 weekly
Ulaan Baatar – Tokyo Haneda from July, 3 weekly

Flights will be operated by the Airbus A319 aircraft.
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A new Mongolian domestic airline will operate in 2012, adding competition to the two existing companies operating domestic flights.

The company "Mongolian Airlines Group LLC" was registered in 2011.
Antonov AN2 Mongolian Airlines mail service 1950's

The new registration of "Mongolian Airlines" is a revival of a similar company with the same name established in 1956 that flew the Antonov AN-2 aircraft at that time. The original "Mongolian Airlines" company has changed forms and ownership several times, involving separation from MIAT in 1992. Since September 2011, 100% of the airline stocks are owned by "Bodi Group" a Mongolian business conglomerate that reorganized the company.

Bodi Group includes 14 subsidiary companies, employing over fourteen hundred professionals. Bodi Group is actively engaged in rapidly growing fields of banking financing, property development, real estate, media, trade, aviation and services.

A first trial domestic flight of the newly registered company took off on November 18th 2011 as a charter flight to Bayankhongor.

In the past few years only two airlines, Eznis and Aero-Mongolia operated domestic flights.

The competition between the three companies has begun. Delgermaa Shagdarsuren who serves as Chief Commercial Officer at Mongolian Airlines Group LLC said that the company will offer special discounts. Today's launching charter flight to Choibalsan was sold for a special one time discount of only 100,000MNT".

Eznis has responded - "All Eznis one way flight tickets" will cost only 120,600MNT for a limited period of time to commemorate it's 5th year of operations.

In 2012 the airline will offer domestic flights using four aircrafts. The first Fokker-50 aircraft with it's new color scheme arrived in November 2011. The aircraft  will receive the registration number JU-8881, and it's c/n is 20183, built 21 years ago and used in the past by SAS. Other aircrafts in the fleet are two Airbus-A319 named Nirun and GreatMomgol, two Fokker-50 named Hunnu and Kidan, and  a Boing 737.

"Mongolian Airlines", Fokker 50, new color scheme painted at QAPS at Lelystad Airport in the Netherlands,
October 2011.  photo by Jeroen Schonewille, jeroen_92, on Flickr

The first Fokker-50 aircraft is named HUNNU (marked on the aircraft's nose) to commemorate the 2220th anniversary of the founding of the First State of Mongol – the Hunnu State.

Mongolian Airlines route map
The company will operate from Chinggis Khaan Mongolia's international airport, and operate domestic flights to Dalanzadgad in the South, Khovd in the West, Moron in the North, Choibalsan in the East, Bayankhongor and Arvayakheer in the center of Mongolia.

The "Mongolian Airlines" office is located in the Bodi group tower building  near Sukhbaatar Square, in the center of Ulaanbaatar  Tel: +976-11-310657. Fax: +976-11-310649.

Mongolian Airlines website was launched today

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