Mongolian Music

Contributing author:  Otgonkhishig  Bazarragchaa (Otgoo)

Mongolian music today blends east with west, modern with traditional, classical with rock and much more.

A perfect example of this wonderful blend is performed by the "Voice of Mongolia" group. They manage to fuse a rock band into an opera style of Mongolian songs.

The voice group website (in Mongolian)

The Moriin Khuur (horse head fiddle) is a traditional 2 string musical instrument popular amongst the Mongolian nomads. Today it is becoming a legitimate instrument playing a role in classical orchestras. A wonderful example is the Mongolian soloist Urtaa Gantulga playing a concerto for Morin Khuur and orchestra. Read and listen more about the Morin Khuur.

If you liked this piece, you may want to see part II and part III on Youtube.

The Motive band is becoming one of the leading Mongolian bands.
Motive has four members, all born in 1085. The band leader is Erdenebayar Boldbaatar,  Saintsogt Baasankhuu (Sainaa), Ankhbayar Erdenebat,  Ganbat Togtoh (Ganbaa). They graduated together from the Mongolian University of Culture and Arts. After graduation in 2007 they founded the Motive band.
The major breakthrough was in 2010 when they recorded their first album  Hairiin Gegee (Light of Love) and performed their first concert at the UB Palace. The album became immediately a big hit and remains in the top ten of album sales up to these days.
Their second album Tsan boroo (Snowy rain) followed by a great performance that took place in November 2011 at Bukhiin Urguu.
The band played a major role in the Mongolian movie  “Hairiin une tsene” (Value of Love) that came out in May 2011. The movie deals with Mongolian youth’s opinions,  love, relationships and violence. The band’s singer Saintsogt (Sainaa) had the lead role in the movie.
Love Music by Motive

Another famous Mongolian band is Altan Urag. Their musical style combines traditional Mongolian with contemporary influences. They played the sound trek of the Movie "Mongol". Altan Urag web site
Altan Urag

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