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DECIDE  when is the best time for you to visit Mongolia

The famous Naadam festival
 the happiest time in Mongolia
 and the peak of the tourist seosan

Climates charts, how cold and how hot does it get
Temperatures now in Mongolia

When To Go
Choose the best time, weather considerations, tourist season, festival time

Calender of Events 
All the events, festivals, conferences, sports, performances

PREPARE your trip details

Contact details of all Mongolian embassies around the world.
Full details and forms for applying for a visa, extending a visa, and border crossings

Trans Mongolian train from Beijing or via the Trans siberian train from Moscow.

all the flight routs to Mongolia to Mongolia, on a world map.
Complete with information and links to to all the airlines operating flights to Mongolia

Tour Operators
A list complete with links to 100 Mongolian tour operators.

EXPLORE your options

Most of the Mongolian routs are dirt roads.

Riding bikes

riding / buying  motorbike all the cross country routs

Horse Riding
Buying a horse, renting horses, horse trips and tips

Public Transportation
Bus Vans


100 restaurants

Accommodation (Hotels)
Details on 100 hotels in ub in 3 categories high end, mid range, an the best for budget travelers
each with a location map, price range, and direct links to hotel website.

What to buy

Map - Hotels
Map of

Map - Tour Op Offices
Map of

Avoiding Pick Pocketing
How to avoid pick


Terelj Park
Map with location of all 40 tourist Ger camps in the Terelj valy just an hour away from UB

Mongol Empire
It was

Provinces - Aimag's
Mongolia is devided into provinces

Mongolian Language
Learn the basics of the Mongolian language

Ger - Nomadic Dwelling
Ger (named Yurt in other parts of Asia)

Mongolian News Sources


Tavan Bogd
In west Mongolia,to the snow peaked mountains

Khoton Nuur
To small lakes in west Mongolia

Khangai Mountain Pass
Adventure trek

Amarbayasgalant Monastery
An easy 3 day trek


Site Index
A, B, C list of all subjects covered on this site

News Archive
All the past news items published on this site relevant to travelers

Reading Corner - books online
Read books online about Mongolia

Mongolia in your language
Mongolei Mongolie Mongolië Mongólia Монголия Mongoliet 蒙古国 Mongolsko Монголија Moğolistan Монголия منغوليا מונגוליה Mongolskim

Ulaanbaatar in your language
UB Oulan-Bator Ułan Bator Ulan Bator Ulán Bator Улан-Батор 乌兰巴托 Ulánbátar Улаанбаатар ウランバートル 울란바토르 乌兰巴托 Улан Батор Ulaɣan Baɣatar אולן בטור

Alternate spellings
Ulaan baator Ulaan bator Ulanbator Ulanbataar Ulanbaataar Ulaan baatar Ulaanbaataar Ulan baator Ulaanbaator Ulanbaator

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