Mongolia Extreme

Mongolia tends to draw some of the most extraordinary extreme adventurists. Here are a few to inspire your imagination.

Hitch and walk  from Ulaanbaatar to Chinese border

Jai Cinnamond, Australian, November 2009
I just covered over 600km by myself hitching, UB to Zamyn Ud, 120km by foot over 6 days between choir and sainshand!!! I am 19 years old!!! I carried a 15kg backpack and a 5kg pack at the front.I hitched between Nalaihk and choir for 2 pounds, I then walked from Choir to Ulchiin Ovoo over a 6 day period with no assistant from vehicles. This is the Gobi Desert. My method was that I walked through the night and slept in the day in a sleeping bag and bivvy. I then found some generous Mongolians who I got a lift with to Zamyn Udd for free. Bear in mind the area between Airag and Sainshand was very hostile as 4 soldiers had been shot by a madman, cars passing were extremely rare averaging 3 a day in both directions. I stayed in a few gers and was feed by Mongols who assumed I was a lost Russian soldier.
I am in Zamyn Udd now about to cross the border.
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1,000 Km longest horse race across Mongolia

26 riders August 2009

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