Shopping in Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator)
There are many shops along peace road. The two main shopping centers are the Department Store and the Black Market.

State Department Store
This five floor department store is a landmark in UB.
It includes a supermarket, clothes, cashmere, leather, electronics, books, camping, souvenirs, almost anything you might be looking for.

The Black Market
A closed and open air market, selling everything.

Shopping map of Ulaanbaatar
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Original Mongolian Artifacts
The most popular product with tourists is the high quality cashmere made in Mongolia. You can buy from the factory shops, the department store and at museum shops.

Traditional hats, clothes, boots (felt or leather with patterned leather appliqué and stitching), snuff bottles and their embroidered pouches and games using sheep's anklebones “shagai” can also be bought from the Department Store.

Jewelry and silver work in particular, are very fine and you can buy traditional designs at the State Jewelry Store.

Traditional Mongolian art is very evocative of its unique culture and you can buy various sizes of paintings on paper, canvas or wood as well as Buddhist Tankas on silk. Buy from museum shops, large hotel shops and art shops.

For Buddhist paraphernalia visit Gandan Monastery and the shops there.

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