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ToMongolia Reading Corner,
brings snippets from the best
books about Mongolia to your
armchair at home.

"Walking the Gobi" by Helen Thayer (Adventures)
1600 mile trek across the Gobi in 81 days
At the age of 63, Helen Thayer and her 74-year-old husband trekked with two camels
across Mongolia's Gobi Desert.
Here, she recaptures the experience, seamlessly weaving within it a portrait
of the nomadic cultures of the Gobi.

"Mongolia" by Jane Blunden (Travel Guide)
Extensive background about Mongolia, focusing on the "slow paced travel" concept.

Chinggis Qan a Biography by Doeke Eisma (History)
From childhood, through uniting the Mongol tribes,
to becoming the legendary conqueror of Asia.

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