Khangai Bayankhongor to Tseserleg

Trek Name: Cross Khangai - Bayankhongor to Tseserleg

Khangai Mountains - Orientation map

Trek descriptions
The trek follows a dirt road that is used occasionally by horses vans or jeeps.
There are a few Ger locations.
Start point is at Bayankhongor, the trek goes along the river up to a mountain pass, and down the river to Tseserleg, on the other side of the Khangai mountains.

Trek distances:
Total 178km (trek 123km, driving 55km)
Bayankhongor to Erdenetsogt 25km - get a jeep
Erdenetsogt to Mountain pass 52km going up the river (2-4 days)
Mountain pass at 2751m height
Mountain pass to Bulgan 71km going down the river (3-5 days)
Bulgan to Tseserleg 30km - get a jeep

Trek suitable for
Motorbikes (river crossings), mountain bikes (rocky), horses, walking (long).

Walking Difficulty
It is a long (6-10 days) walk not a technical walk.
Cary water, tent and food.

The walk is along the river.
Water has to be treated, purified with chlorine/iodine pills or filter pump (best).

North Khangai (Click on map for full size)

.......South Khangai (Click on map for full size)

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Start point - Bayankhongor

Byankhongor hotels
Enh Nomins - Энх Номун - $10 - phone: 01-442-22255
Uran Desh - Уран Дэш
Seoul - $20
Negdelchin - Нэгдэлчин - $15
Manduhai Ger Camp - out of town - 3 bed Ger 20,000T - tel: 99442009, 99442808, 99052577, 88118680

Transportation to Erdenetsogt (27 Km north of Bayankhongor)
Cars start to fill up from 13:00, and usually leave only in late afternoon after they fill up.
Price - about 3,000 T

Possible Drivers:
Gombochuluun, 99444855.
Batjargal, 99445878.
Sandigdorj, 99205911.
Purev, 99771069.

Private Jeep
To hire a private Jeep - expect to pay about 700 Tugrik per Km for same day trip.
You will be expected to pay for the driver's trip back.

English speaking locals in Bayankhongor
Mr. Bilgee - Student - Tel: 95446023 - Guide
Ms. Otgoo - Tel: 99041512 - Translator and Guide

Russian maps - scale 1:100,000
100k-I47-023 - Tseserleg
100k-I47-035 - Bulgan
100k-I47-034 - River
100k-I47-046 - Mountain Pass
100k-I47-058 - Erdenetsogt
100k-i47-070 - Bayankhongor

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