News - Bulgan Border Crossing


Altai Mountains in background

Mongolian officials say the border is not open for third country tourists.
(third country = not Mongolian or Chinese)

Update May 2010 -
"The (Mongolian) Cabinet Ministers Meeting discussed the general plan of model port...The meeting made decision to convert... “Bulgan” ... ports into regular operations...Mr. G.Zandanshatar, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, was ordered to start negotiation with the Chinese counterparts on converting “Bulgan” port into regular regime by July 1 2010"

Update April 2010
"Bulgan checkpoint will go into permanent operation starting 2011"

According to Chinese sources (2009) -
The Bulgan border crossing in west Mongolia is open for tourists.
The official rules regarding this border crossing are not clear yet.

The crossing route will connect Bulgan in Khuvd Aimag in west Mongolia
with the Chinese town of Tarkshken in the Qinghe County located in
Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

Until recently this border crossing was open for trade only
and occasionally for local Kazakhs living on both sides of the border.

The border regulations are yet to be declared by both countries.

According to Chinese sources only two travel agencies are authorized at this stage
to issue border passes and organize group tours from China to Bulgan in Mongolia -
Qinghe Kanas International Travel Service Ltd
and Xinjiang Overseas International Travel Service.
These two agencies will issue border passes one day prior to travel.
They will operate a daily shuttle bus crossing the border to Bulgan.

Orientation map

View of border crossing location

Map of new border crossing
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View - detailed satellite image of border crossing


nyamka said...

Hi, my name is Nyamka. I live in Ulaan Baatar. I just wanted to ask you what is the situation with the border crossing at the moment? I have been trying to find out but everyone is telling me something different and i am quiet lost at the moment.

To Mongolia said...

Hi Nyamka

If you are Mongolian or Chinese, you can cross between 15-30 of the summer months.
If you are not, you can not cross, according to the official reply of the Mongolian authorities.


okusha said...
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okusha said...

Hi, I'm a mongolian. I wanna go back to my country by crossing border of Bulgan, Khovd. I want to know that how to reach to border from Urumqi. I don't want to use any travel agency, because I don't have enough money for that. I just wanna go by myself and using local transportation, spending less money.