Mongolian Language

learning Mongolian with Sender (Баярлалаа!)

Mongolian alphabet first 15 letters-part 1 of 2

Mongolian alphabet last 20 letters-part 2 of 2

Greetings and Introduction in Mongolian

Mongolian vowel sounds

How to say numbers in Mongolian part 1 of 2

How to say numbers in Mongolian part 2 of 2

colors in Mongolian

External links
Convert from Cyrillic to Latin - good for converting place names
Mongolian online keyboard - to type in Mongolian alphabet
Mart translation - Mongolian  (Cyrillic) to/from any language
Bolor Dictionary - translate Mongolian (Cyrillic) to/from English
Flash cards - with sound, download and install  from Byki


Anonymous said...

Hey great that somebody will make an effort to help others. I'm very grateful and I will tell my friends also. We will be visiting Mongolia this summer and so far learning the language has been almost impossible, using only a dictionary, so Thank You again. I hope that You will continue Your little series!

Risto in Finland

Anonymous said...

Wow, great lessons.
My wife is Mongolian and we visit every year, and I have a terrible time trying to learn the language. However, I have learned more from your site in one hour than I have the past ten years (my wife gave up after the first year).

Thank you and please post more lessons, you are an excellent teacher.
Steve from PA

Anonymous said...

Great lessons, thanks so much for doing this! You should post some more. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting these lessons. I will be moving to Mongolia with the Peace Corps this summer and this is very helpful!

Anonymous said...

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