Fire Khan Khentii

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Image Source: NASA images

May 2009 - Fires

Large fires were burning in the forested mountains of the Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area.
On May 21, 2009 NASA’s satellite captured this image. Places where NASA’s satellite detected
actively burning fires are outlined in red.

Video of the fire by Tony Whitten taken on May 23rd 2009

The Khan Khentii park in the Khentii Mountains, includes the sacred Burkhan Khaldun mountain,
and is located to the north east of the more popular Terelj park.

The region is considered the birth place of Genghis Khan.

It was declared strictly protected area to protect the endangered species of
Moose, Brown Bears, Wolf, Lynx, Weasels, Red Deer, Wild Boar, White Gazelle,
Steppe Fox, and hundreds of species of birds including Woodpecker, Partridge,
Magpie, and Hawk.

The region is mostly uninhabited by humans, there are very few dirt roads leading
up to the mountains through the woods, thus making it impossible to control fires.

Up to now there are no indications of human life loss.

Impact on travelers
The northern parts of the Khan Khentii park will not be accessible in the near future.

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