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Links to all Mongolian tour operators
(At the end of this page - List of foreign tour operators specializing in Mongolia)

Amicus Travel Mongolia & Mongolia Short Tours
Anak Ranch
AR Mongol
AR Mongol Travel
Altai Expeditions

Bear Vally Adventures (in Olgii west Mongolia) 
Borjigon Travel (self drive car rent)
Backpacker Mongolia Otgan
Bek (In Olgii - west Mongolia)
Black Ibex
Blue Bandana
Blue Wolf (In Olgii - west Mongolia)

Chinggis Land

Culture Scape

Destination new tour
Discover Mongolia


Enjoy Mongolia

Felt Nation

Gardi Tours

Ger to Ger
Ghinggis Empire
Gobi Discovery
Gobi Tours

Great Genghis

Happy Camel
Hovd Tour
Horse trail
Hubsgul Dul


J. Tour
Jamo Travel
Jax expedition

Juulchin Tourism

Karakorum Expeditions
Kobesh Travel
Kazakh Tour

Legend Tour


Mon Eco

Mongolian Travel (used to be LIPN, Mongol Ayalal, Mongol Travel)
Mongolia Luxury Tours
Mongolian Gobi
Mongolei Reisen
Mongolia and Beyond ((Mongolia Travel Advisor)
Mongolia River Adventure
Mongolia Expeditions
Mongolian Resorts
Mongol Tour
Mongolian Ways
Mongolia Travel (not operating)
MXP Adventure (MXP and Wilderness merged and are now Zendmen)

NK Travel
Naran Travel

Nature Discovery
Nature Tours
Nomad Tours
Nomadic Expeditions
Nomadic Journeys
Nomads Motherland
Nomadic Wind
New Milestone 

Outback Mongolia
Orman travel (Olgii) (website not responding)

Pass Mongolia

Royal-Nomads (Olgii, west Mongolia)

Side Car
Sand Dune
Steppe Horse
Steppes Journy
Sun Mongolia

Tanan Gobi
Ter Ikh Juulchin
Three Camel Lodge
Tour Mongolia
Travel Gobi Mongolia
Travel Buddies
Trekking Mongolia
Tsolmon travel

Undescovered Mongolia

View Mongolia

Visit Mongolia

Western Altai Tours 
Western Mongolia
Wilderness Adventure  (Wilderness and MXP merged and are now Zendmen)

Zendmen Travel (a merger of Wilderness and MXP)

Tour operators
Most tour operators operate from the capital city Ulaanbaatar.
You can join a scheduled tour of your choice or arrange for a tailor made tour.

Tour durations
1-3 day tours - to nearby destinations like Kharhorin, and Terelj park.
Distances are great, direct drive from north to south takes 4 days, most of the time on dirt roads.
Therefor long tours go for 7 to 18 days.

Most tours start and end at Ulaanbaatar which is in the center of Mongolia.
The common option is by land both ways in a Russian van or jeep.
Some go by land one way and take a flight back.
Few go 2 way flights.

Price per person per day
Including local transportation, guide, food and lodging (Ger camps in the country side).
Land tours cost from $110 to $250 average $160

Data: ToMongolia Survey 2011

Last minute tours - budget
Most guest house owners are capable of organizing a last minute tour.
They will call up a driver, (and a guide, a translator, a cook, what ever you ask for).
It will be up to you to find other travelers to share the costs.
This is the common way backpackers on a budget arrange for tours.
The cost would be from $60 to $150 average $110 per person per day
including transportation and camping on the way.

Super budget
If you feel like mixing with the locals, use public transportation.
There are no schedules, when the van is filled to the maximum it goes.
Cost would be about $15 to $40, average $25 per day for transportation and food on the way.
The vans do not stop for sight seeing on the way, they just bring you from place to place.

Tour operators office Map

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Foreign  tour operators specializing in Mongolia
Eternal Landscapes  - UK
Panoramic Journeys - UK
Blue Silk - USA 

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