Accommodation in Ulaanbaatar

All of the hotels in our list are located within walking distance from the city center,
or a short taxi drive.

The airport is located out of the city, about 20 minutes drive to the city center.
The train station is in the southern part of the city,
a 5-10 minute taxi drive to the city center.

Ulaanbaatar Hotel map

High End Hotels
start at $70, average $100.

Bayangol Hotel
Chinggis Khaan Hotel
Continental Hotel
Corporate Hotel
Kempinski Hotel Khan Palace
Kharaa Hotel
Narantuul Hotel
Ulaanbaatar Hotel
White House Hotel

Mid Range Hotels
start at $30, average $50.

Anujin Hotel
Bishrelt Plaza Hotel
Edelweiss Hotel
Etugen Hotel
Evergreen Hotel
Flower Hotel
Kharkorum Hotel
Lion Hotel
Michelle Hotel
Mika Hotel
Namuun Hotel
Noble Hotel
Palace hotel
Puma Imperial
Seoul Hotel
Sunjin Grand Hotel
Tuushin Hotel
Voyage Hotel
Zaluuchuud Hotel

Budget Accommodation
start at $4, average $10.
Most of these budget hostels offer dormitory accommodations, with a few double rooms,
and are located in most cases in apartment buildings.
Some operate only during the summer season.

Bolod's Suburb Guesthouse
Delger Hotel
Gana's Guest House
Gandan Guest House
Golden Gobi Guesthouse
Green Steppe Guesthouse
Idre's Guesthouse
Khongor Guesthouse
LG Guesthouse
Nassan's Guest House
Oasis Guesthouse
Tso's home stay
Tiara Guesthouse
UB Guesthouse
Youth Mongolia
Zaya Hostel and Guesthouse