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A few tour operators offer mountain bike rides in various regions of Mongolia.

Some adventurous bike riders choose to cross between China and Russia through Mongolia.
The most popular route is the central route, in red color on the map.
Other routes include the green route going north from Ulaanbaatar,
and the blue taking the northern route to west Mongolia.

The southern part between Ulaanbaatar and China passes through the Gobi desert.
The northern route passes through mountains and lakes.
The central route passes through Karakorum, the old capital of Genghis Khan.

The routes are only partly paved roads - mainly around Ulaanbaatar, near border crossings, and when crossing through settlement.
The route going north south has more paved (tarmac) parts than the other routes.
See a typical road condition on the video below.

The steppe offers plenty of nice camping sites,
and you can always refresh at the settlements along the way.

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Ulaanbaatar south to China (red) about 750Km
Ulaanbaatar north to Russia (green) about 350Km
Ulaanbaatar to west Mongolia (blue) about 1100Km

One should expect to ride about 50Km per day,
and plan on a few rest days on the way.

Video - bike trip with Mongolian music in the background.

Bernadette, published a nice blog,
describing her 2008 solo bike ride across to west Mongolia.

Mark and Juliette did the north south route in 2003, and wrote a detailed blog.

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