Mongolia Climate & Weather Today

Mongolia is a landlocked, elevated, northern country - Geographic factors that influence it's climate.
Lakes and rivers freeze during winter, and summer can get hot, especially in the Gobi desert region.

Climate charts of the capital city Ulaanbaatar (Central Mongolia)

The temperatures drop below freezing during winter,
and rise to comfortable temperatures during summer.

Summer is the rainy season,
though snow falls in winter.

The number of days with precipitation is less than 15 during the rainy summer season,
meaning that even during the rainy season you will get several dry days.
Winter is dry except for the occasional snow days.

Mongolia is nicknamed the country of blue sky,
the sun shines bright all year round.


Temperatures Now - Throughout Mongolia
From thermostats across Mongolia - to your desktop

NORTH (Hatgal) Click for Hatgal, Mongolia Forecast

WEST (Hovd) Click for Hovd, Mongolia Forecast
CENTER (UB) Click for Ulan Bator, Mongolia Forecast
EAST (Choibalsan) Click for Choibalsan, Mongolia Forecast

SOUTH (Dalanzadgad) Click for Dalanzadgad, Mongolia Forecast

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