Regions of Interest

The most popular tourist regions are:
Center - Ulaanbaatar
North - Huvsgol lake
South - Gobi desert
West - Altai mountains

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Where to go
Where to go mainly depends on time you have.
It takes days to reach most of the desirable destinations.

Take it easy
Distances + no roads + old Russian vans + a general atmosphere, call for a laid back attitude.
Give yourself plenty of time, to deal with the unexpected.

Ulanbaatar is most likely your starting point.
The following options assume land travel, flying domestic makes distances shorter.

These sugestions are just to point you in a direction, there are many more places.

1-2 day
Get a taste of Mongolia and see some of the sites in and around Ulaanbaatar.

Start with
Monastery - Gandan.
Shopping - State department store (western style), black market (Mongolian style).

Ziesan memorial.

Climb the mountain south of UB - to get a good view of the vally.
Cycle along the tool river.

3-5 days
Do some of the above and -
Get a taste of the country side.

Start with Terelj, a morning drive from Ulaanbaatar.
Experience the nomadic way of life - live in a Ger, the nomadic round felt tent.
Walk around the park, go to turtle rock the historic tribal gathering grounds.

Ride horses, for a few hours or a few days.

Rock climbing.

6-12 days
Do some of the above and -
Get to drive out.

Start with Karakorum the ancient capital of Genghis Khan.

Squeeze a Gobi tour.

12 - 20 days
Do some of the above, and -

Start with Khuvsgol lake.

Take the long ride west, or Gobi.

Take a long horse ride.

20-30 days
Some of the above, and -

Go west on the central route and come back on the north route.

Off the beaten track
Go east - Choibalsan, Mardai the top secrete deserted Uranium city.
Go bird watching.
Trek the Altai.

Cost (food, lodging, transportation, guide).

$60-$100 per day
The easiest way is to get a tour operator arrange your tour.

$40-$60 per day
You can always find people looking for companions to share a van.

$20-$40 per day
Some adventures travelers squeez into a van taking locals from place to place.

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