Demchig Khiid

During the Soviet era in Mongolia the KGB destroyed over 900 temples and lamaseries in Mongolia between 1937 and 1939. Today, in one of the most dramatic signs of the recovery of religious and ethnic identity in the post-Soviet “transition” period, Mongolian cultural leaders are seeking to document and reconstruct these priceless Buddhist structures and culture.

Within the Khanbogd "Circle" there are several significant ruins. "Ivanhoe" mining corporation has recently contributed to the reconstruction of the Demchig Hiid Monastery.

Demchig Hiid Monastery
as seen from space

Recent reconstructions of the Lotus shape structure
at Demchig Hiid

Tsagaan Tolgoi

remains in the sand, of what seems to be a temple
at Tsagaan Tolgoi


Anonymous said...

Dear friends, how can I get there and are there Nuns living?

I am a Nun and I am doing Chöd, learned with Jetsün Dampa Kalkha Rinpoche.

Anonymous said...

This website is not an official website of this small monastery.
There are no female nuns at this location. But you can stay at a tourist ger camp near by. To get there you hire a van from Ulaanbaatar to Khanbogd. From Khanbogd hire a car to take you to the monastery location.
If you intend to use public transportation take the bus from Ulaanbaatar to Dalanzadgad. From Dalanzadgad share a van to Khanbogd.