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Out of a total of 50,000Km of roads in Mongolia only about 10,000Km  (20%) are tarmac (asphalt) paved roads. In 2017 it is expected that over 2000km of new paved roads will be completed to connect all province centers to the capital city Ulaanbaatar.
All other roads are gravel and dirt roads. The majority of paved roads are roads leading out of the capital city Ulaanbaatar.

The map shows (in red) all the paved roads of Mongolia.
Click on house icons for place names of towns with paved roads,
and on mountain icon for mountain pass info.
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See on full page - Google map of all gas stations

Locations of all petrol stations on this map are accurate. Zoom in and change to satellite for details.


by The Sloths said...

We found some more tarmac!!! We just cycled from Russian Altai to UB roughly through the middle of Mongolia. On the way to Olgii from the border the tarmac begins just before Tsgaanuur and goes all the way to Olgii apart from a horrible stretch over a steep pass. Also when you leave Naranbulag heading east there is approx. 100kms of tarmac on the way to Songino. About 25 km heading east out of Tariat the tarmac begins again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this valuable update.

Joe Staniforth said...

Driving west to east. March 2016

Border to Ulgii. Mostly Tarmac.

Ulgii to Khovd 60km perfect Tarmac
Khovd to Altai 180km perfect Tarmac
Altai to Bayenkhangor 130km perfect Tarmac.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the valuable update.

Joe Staniforth said...

Loads of it is ready to be tarmac'd as well. So nice to drive on.
A year or two and will be paved most of the way.

Joe Staniforth said...

Forgot to add. South road from Ulgii to UB. Has more than enough petrol stations. We filled up everyday in morning and didn't get under half a tank before reaching a big enough town. Normally with 5 or 6 'glitzy' petrol stations.

Renata Kaminska said...


Unfortunately, your paved roads map is not accurate. Trusting the website I travelled on my road bicycle from Ulaanbaatar to Khuvsgul in June 2016. After Bayankhangai village Lat: 47.948123 Long 105.542091 the tarmac finishes and there is gravel/dirt road until Bulgan city only. Can you please update your map so other travellers are aware of it?

Anonymous said...

Dear Renata
Thank you for your valuable update.
I will update the map, based on your experience.
In general it is not recommended to travel in Mongolia on road bicycles,
use only mountain bikes.

Renata Kaminska said...

Thank you Dan! Mongolia has got some great new tarmac suitable in my opinion for road cycling in the Summer. The problem is to find an up to date map of this network. For future travellers I would advise Seven Summits camping gear shop which has got some most up to date maps. Also Dan, the stretch of the road from Moron to Khatgal is completely paved. This could be worth updating on the map too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for your good advice.
I fixed the map based on your personal experience.

Jacob - Everyday Explorers said...

Time to update the map! I drove from Khovd to Altai (south road) today (28/10/2016) and it was good road all the way without potholes and cracks. Could drive 100km/h all the way. The road is brand new and sections are missing road lines and workers still putting up the road posts along the road. It was one section where a bridge were not finished and where you need to detour 200 meter on a gravel road.

Everyday Explorers said...

And one thing that is wrong on the map. Only the first 160km from Uglii to Khovd is tarmac, the rest is dirt road but construction is going on.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your valuable updates.
I have updated the map base on your input.


Everyday Explorers said...

Drove from Altai to Bayenkhangor today. The first 120km were good tarmac, the rest is gravel road all the way up to Bayenkhangor.

Anonymous said...

Great info, Thanks for the update. Fixed the map.

Nicolas Predella said...

Fro Tolbo to Khovd the road was completely unpaved in september 2016, i highly doubt the marked stretch had been paved by the end of october.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicolas
Thanks for your helpful comment.
The map was fixed.

Falk said...

Hey Dan,

I am Falk from Berlin, Germany. Your website seems to be very helpful for planning my trip in summer. I learned that the southern road from Olgii via Khovd and Bajankhongor and further on to UB might be paved for the most part. Do you have any information on the central road - the so called Millenium Road Project from west to east? Talking about the route from Khovd further on along the northern shores of Khar-Us and Khar Lake through the southern part of Zawkhan province to Uliastai and further on to Tariat. According to last summer's experience there will be tarmac for almost all the rest of the route to UB. And how about the northern route from Tsagaannuur border crossing via Ulaangom to Moron? Again there will be tarmac all the way from Moron to UB. But what can I expect from the 900 km before?

Anonymous said...

Hi Falk

The most updated information I know of, is on this map.
As far as I know, there is no tarmac beyond what is on this map.
Work is underway, and as soon as I get updates I will update this map.

The non tarmac parts are ok for off road bikes.

All the best

iosiac said...

Hello Dan,

Congratulations for the good updates.

We are two people from Greece planning a trip to Mongolia this summer on a Toyota Yaris. We plan to enter Mongolia from the region of Altai in Russia, from the Tsagaannuur–Tashanta border, and then stick to the southern road (Ulgii, Khovd, Altai, Bayankhongor, Ulaanbaatar) and exit from the main road border crossing between Ulaanbaatar and Ulan-Ude.

From the map, it seems like only some 300-500 kilometers of the road is not paved. Do we have any information about the state of these sections? Are there any deep river crossings difficult to cross by a 2WD car? Or really bad parts that get muddy? We will cross Mongolia at late June-early July, so I think this is the dry season.

Also, do you have any information about the latest deposit fee for cars? The information I have is that it is only about cars that are ten years or older (ours is registered on 2010), but I am not sure.

Thanks a lot,


Anonymous said...

Hi Josephine
Your plan is good.
You can drive this road even on the unpaved parts with a 2WD.
June July is the rainy season in Mongolia, not like in Greece.
Deposit - rules change, the chances are low that you will be asked for a deposit.
Have a nice drive.

iosiac said...

Thanks a lot Dan.

Aldo Pastorino said...

We are organizing a trip to Mongolia with a 2wd FIAT Ducato camper.
We plan to enter Khyagt, visit Ulan Bator and Kharkorim and then continue to Bayankhongor.
We would like to go to Altai, passing the Russian border at Ulaanbaishint.
We saw that the road is not completely paved, and we would like to know if it is feasible with our camper.
We do not know if the unpaved road are easily walkable or if it is more convenient to return to Russia rising from Khyaght.
We read that the road is passable with the Toyota Yaris and we think it is also feasible for us.
There are problems to find fuel? Fords? Road in bad condition?
What can you recommend?
Thank you very much for the attention.


Anonymous said...

Hi Aldo

Very few tourists use these 2 border crossings.
It is used mainly by Russians and Mongolians living in the region.
The roads on the Mongolian side are not paved, except for a short stretch near the border.
I have no updated information on the road condition.
Bring a cable with you just in case you will need to be pulled out of mud.
I did see photos of 2WD crossing Ulaanbaishint and Khyagt like this one at the Khyagt border.

Enjoy your trip.