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News for tourist's - 2015

New border crossings - open for all passports
A few extremely remote border crossings have recently become international,
open for all passport holders.
  Mondy Khankh, north Mongolia / Russia, near lake Khovsgol
  Khandgait Borshoo, north Mongolia / Russia, near lake Uvs
  Bichigt Zuun-Khatavch, east Mongolia / China.
These are in addition to the Bulgan (China) and Tsagaanuur (Russia)
that have opened in the past couple of years.
For details see the Border Crossings page.
These new border crossings open up new options,
especially for cyclists, motorbike riders, and adventurists with time on their hands.

Naadam 2015 events
The complete 2015 Naadam programs will be published in late June.
 For updates follow the 2015 detailed program page, it will be updated from time to time.

Amarbayasgalant monastery 2015 events
2015, June 18-19-20, Gongor ritual
2015, September 10-11-12, Tsam dance ritual
See the trek page to Amarbayasgalant, it has some details on the rituals.

Sharing horse riding experience
A new blog by Emma with wonderful photos, published March 2015,
describing her experiences of solo unguided horse trek across Mongolia.
Good inspiration for planning your trip.

Bus station moved (UB to Ulan-Ude)
The popular bus route from Ulaanbaatar to Ulan-Ude in Russia.
has moved it's departure station to the Dragon station (used to be near the train station)
The cost is 65,000 tugrik, departs at 7:30am and arrives at 6:30pm
More details on the public transportation page

= OLDER 2014 news =

2014 Naadam Festival - Countryside Events
Dates of local Naadam events in each aimag (province).

Altargana - Buryat people festival 
July 18 – 21, 2014 Dadal (Khentii aimag)
A bi-annual festival of the Buryat (Buriad) ethnic people. 
This year the festival will take place in Dadal sum of the Khenti aimag (province), the birth place of Chinggis Khan.  
The festival celebrates the culture traditions and history of the Buryat people. The festival events will include folk and contemporary songs, traditional costumes, fairy tales, poetry, wrestling, archery, beauty contests and more. 

"Wrestling Mongolia" movie review.

MORIN KHUUR music festival 2104 April 26 to May 1st.

New flight route from France/Paris to Ulaanbaatar by Hunnu Air, during summer only - From June 2014 to August 2014 every Monday and Friday. Cost about EUR1,000.

The Khankh/Mondy border crossing north of Khovsgol lake is open to all tourists. Open 8:00-18:00.

A new direct flight from Frankfurt Germany to Mongolia,
by MIAT starting April 2014, every Thursday and Sunday.

Visa free for 30 days for Germans, and Canadians effective 2014.

Turkish Airlines operates a new flight route from Istanbul through Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) to Ulan Bator.

HUNNU Air will operate domestic and international flights.

West Mongolia / China border crossing
The border crossing between west Mongolia and west China is now open for all passport holders.
See Bulgan border for a complete description, regulations and maps. 

Naadam - July 2013 event details.

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